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Welcome To Today's Menu!


Highly experienced and passionate chefs have been creating healthy frozen ready prepared food since 2002. Everything is handmade in small batches just as you would at home.   Caring about our clients is the cornerstone of our business. We hand select the highest quality ingredients. Every meal you enjoy from Today’s Menu has been crafted by us, for you. You will not get this kind of quality from supermarket food ready meals.


THE CHEFS are exceptional and truly “best in class”. Today’s Menu team are professionally trained with years of experience in the culinary world. Expertise ranging from Switzerland and Canada.  Never has a kitchen worked harder to provide such unbelievable food for you! 


OUR FOUNDER, Paul has always loved good food and the way it brings people together.  As a busy telcom executive he was frustrated to never have the time to cook for his family. Quick quality choices were  limited. A lightbulb went off and he was on a mission.   Determined to bring the world better options for healthy & quick prepared meals for dinner. This was his field of dreams.  If he built it, they would eat. As a result, Today’s Menu was born. Thank you Paul - we are all eating better!

Today we operate a robust delivery and retail pick up business servicing the Toronto GTA.