Where do you cook the meals?

We prepare and cook all meals at our kitchen facility at 1933 Gerrard Street E in Toronto’s Upper Beaches. 


Is your kitchen inspected?

Yes. We are inspected by the Toronto Public Health Department and our pass card is posted in the front window.


Who are your suppliers?

We use the high quality suppliers based in Toronto & Ontario Region. Our fruits and vegetables are mainly from Ontario (when possible) and hand cut (not processed) by our team. Beef is Ontario grass fed and hormone free as well as our lamb & pork. Poultry is grain fed, air chilled and local. Seafood comes from All Seas.

We would be pleased to provide more detail, feel free to contact us at info@todaysmenu.ca or (416) 698-8667.
The Butcher Shoppe http://butchershoppe.com/
Fresh Start Foods http://www.freshstartfoods.com/
Beretta Farms https://berettafarms.com/
Stoney Creek Tomatoes https://www.stoneycreekbrand.com/


Where is your delivery area?

We deliver throughout the Greater Toronto Area from Monday - Saturday. For more details click the delivery tab above.  We will consider out of town deliveries with minimum orders of $125.  Please contact the customer service team directly at (416) 698-8667 or info@todaysmenu.ca


What if I am not home to accept delivery?   

Orders are packed in special thermal reusable insulated temperature controlled bags and can be left in a safe place for up to 3 hours.  No one is required to be home to accept the delivery. When ordering tell us where you would like the food left in the notes section. The bags are reusable so please leave the bag out for the driver the next time we deliver to you.

If you live in a building be sure to include the buzz code and building instructions for delivery.  If this is a gift the phone number of the recipient is required.


Is your web site secure?

Yes. We are secured by GEO TRUST (www.geotrust.com).


What kind of packaging do you use?

We use a combination of BPA free vacuum sealed bags and recyclable aluminum food trays depending on the meal.  The food trays are safe for the oven and microwave.  The labels are waterproof.


How do I cook the meals?

Detailed instructions are included for each item.  We include options for conventional stovetop, oven, bbq and microwave where applicable.  Cook times may vary depending on your kitchen appliances.
Many of the meals are heat and serve.


Can I use a microwave?

 Yes, there are several meals that can be microwaved.  The food trays are microwave safe.


Do I have to commit to the service?

No, there is no set up fee or service fee.  You order as needed.  We do advise stocking up on your favourites that can stay in the freezer up to 3 months.

Is delivery the only option for getting meals?

No. You can shop Tuesday - Saturday at the retail store located at 852 Millwood Rd, Toronto, Ontario M4G 1W6 in South Leaside (Eglinton & Laird Area), 416-698-8667. All meals and packages listed on our site are available in store for purchase.


Can I order online for store pick up?

Yes. You can shop online and when checking out select the in-store pick up option under the shipping/delivery options. We will have your order packed and ready to go within 2 hours of order placed.  (We have even been known to run it out to the car if you give us a call)


How long have you been in business?

The business started in 2002 and growing strong.  We are passionate chefs dedicated to creating healthy, delicious home-cooked meals for your table.  Offering a diverse menu to satisfy varied taste and dietary needs.  Our meals are made fresh daily and flash frozen to lock in the flavour.


Do gift cards expire?

No, gift cards do not expire.  You can order for both delivery or store pick up
Gift cards are redeemable for all menu and entertaining items.
Gift cards are not transferrable and may not be used to purchase another gift card.


How do you redeem gift cards?

Gift cards can be redeemed in store or online for delivery or store pick up 
at the retail store located at 852 Millwood Road, M4G 1W6

Online redemption is very simple.  You create an account at www.todaysmenu.ca
Shop and fill your electronic cart.
At checkout select 'gift card as the method of payment
If there is a balance owing, the customer service team will contact you.

Customers do not not have to redeem all at one time.