Impress Your Guests Dinner Party - Beef (Serves 4)

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Do you find yourself always wanting to have friends for dinner, but cannot quite muster the energy to plan it. Todaysmenu has thought of everything. All you have to do is set the table, light the candles and enjoy!

Dinner Party Menu for Four Package Includes:

Lamb & Feta Gourmet Meatballs

Main Course:
Beef Bourguignon (Slow simmered beef cubes in red wine beef broth with carrots, pearl onions and Ontario button mushrooms)
Yukon Gold Mash Potato

Date & Toffee Sticky Pudding
(Great on its own, but can be served warmed with vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream.)

Prep Time-

Lamb Feta Meatballs
Hand rolled using New Zealand Lamb and Greek Feta - truly our best product!
Excellent appetizer and ready in minutes
Reheating Instructions: From frozen - microwave 4-6 minutes warm in oven 40-50 minutes. Ingredients: Greek feta, bread crumbs, eggs, dijon mustard, rosemary, italian parsley, sea salt & pepper (meatballs are fully cooked).

Beef Bourguignon
Slow simmered beef cubes in red wine beef broth with carrots, pearl onions and Ontario Button Mushrooms. Reheating Instructions:Thaw 30 minutes - warms on stove top or in microwave. Ingredients: Lean beef cubes, carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms, vegetable oil, beef stock, red wine, tomato paste, garlic, bay leaves, butter, flour, sea salt, black pepper & fresh thyme.  

Yukon Mash
Hand mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes - fluffs up nicely after reheating. Reheating Instructions: Thaws in 30 minutes - warms in oven or microwave. Ingredients: Yukon Gold potatoes, butter, 2% milk, cream cheese, sea salt & white pepper.

Date & Toffee Sticky Pudding
Made from scratch using real butter and brown sugar, it will melt in your mouth. Reheating Instructions: Thaw and place in 325F oven for 20-30 minutes.  Cover with foil.: Container is microwave safe and can also be warmed in microwave. Times may vary. Ingredients: White flour, butter, dates, white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla & baking powder.
Chef's Tip - Serve on its own or with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream

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