Jamieson Pure Maple Syrup

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Locally sourced from just west of Peterborough. Limited Quantity Available!

  • Established: Approximately 1875, a few years after the Jamieson homestead was built just west of Peterborough.¬†
  • The ¬†Jamieson ancestors tapped the trees using a few pails; collecting the sap by hand. They evaporated the sap over open fires in cast iron cauldrons.
  • Today, Paul Jamieson, along with his brother, David, tap approximately 600 trees. The sap is collected by lines of tubing that runs into collection bins. It takes approximately 40 litres maple sap to produce 1 litre of maple syrup; which can fluctuate by season due to changes in sugar concentration produced by the trees. Last season Paul produced 227 litres or 60 gallons of maple syrup.
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