"Kid Approved Lunch Box Favourites" (Serves 2-4)

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What's for lunch!!!!!!!  It is that time of year again when we are super keen to fill our kids lunch boxes with a healthy and balanced lunch.  Mostly we just want them to love lunch and feed the brain.

We have put together a selection of top favourites.  I recommend investing in a good thermos and you are all set. Depending on the age and appetite - here is a guideline for how many servings for each meal.


Monday:  Meaty Beef Macaroni -  2 Servings 

Tuesday: Shepherd's Pie - 2 Servings 

Wednesday: Pulled Pork - 4 Servings (Easy in a thermos with rice or a fresh bun)

Thursday:  Sicilian Chicken Meatballs - 2 Servings

Friday:  Three Cheese Macaroni - 2 Servings

Everyday :  Snack Cookies (Chocolate, Cranberry & Oatmeal) - 12 Cookies



Chef Paul


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