Less Kitchen More Dockside (Serves 4)

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Cottage Packages
Weekends at the cottage are the perfect time to unwind with friends and family. Spend more time cottaging and less time cooking. We have created simple meal suggestions that will minimize time in the kitchen and increase time dockside.

Keep in mind that using Todaysmenu at the cottage also helps in reducing waste. Our food packaging is BPA free.

Many of our cottagers tell us they also use the food in the cooler as an ice pack that can keep other perishables cold on the drive up, saving valuable car space.

5 Complete Dinners & Sides 

For The Grill 
Mild Jerk Chicken served with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Lemon Herb Butterflied Chicken & Yukon Gold Mash
Turkey Burgers with Vegetable Pesto Orzo

*For Chicken: Grill until no longer pink inside or until the internal temperature reaches 165oF

Heat & Serve 
Shepherd's Pie  (Oven)
Best Bolognese Sauce (Stove Top) with Rigatoni Pasta


Chef Paul

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