The University Package

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Article number: 24629

A great selection of well balanced meals. Ideal for busy students with demanding schedules or first time living on their own. A huge bonus to have meals on hands - especially during exam time. Avoid take- out with these high quality meals.

All meals are packaged in slimline containers and / or BPA free plastic. Minimal space required. This new package includes lunch and dinner. A few meals for two that make great left overs.

This Package includes 7 (SEVEN) meals & Home Baked Banana Bread

Lunch Or Dinner
1. Meaty Beef Macaroni
2. Shepherds Pie
3. Thai Carrot Soup
4. Beef Meatloaf & Steamed Brown Rice 
5. Chicken Pesto & Vegetable Pesto Orzo 
6. Butter Chicken & Basmati Rice
7.  Turkey Chili
+ Home Baked Banana Bread (with chocolate chips)


Enjoy and Happy Studying!

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