The University Package (Serves 1)

Article number: 24629

A great selection of well balanced meals. Ideal for busy students with demanding schedules or first time living on their own. A huge bonus to have meals on hands - especially during exam time. Avoid take - out with these high quality meals.

All meals are packaged in slimline containers and / or BPA free plastic. Minimal space required. A few meals for two that make great left overs.

This Package includes One (1) Breakfast, Seven (7) meals 

Lunch Or Dinner
1. Roasted Vegetable Lasagna (serves 2)
2. Shepherds Pie (serves 2)
3. Thai Carrot Soup
4. Best Bolognese & Penne Pasta  (enough for leftovers)
5. Chicken Pesto & Vegetable Asian Rice
6. Vegetable Chili & Basmati Rice
7.  Vegetable Pesto Orzo

1.  Spinach & Cheese Quiche

Enjoy and Happy Studying!

Chef Paul

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