The Vegetarian University Package (Serves 1)

Article number: 6700

The perfect selection of well balanced meals. Great for students with demanding schedules or first time living on their own. Spend more time studying and less time shopping for groceries. Avoid take out with these high quality meals. 

Package includes servings sizes of 1-2 (great for leftovers)

(9) Lunches or Dinner + (1) Home Baked Dessert
1. Spinach & Cheese Quiche x 2
2. Vegetable Chili 
3. Three Cheese Macaroni
4. Seven Vegetable Lentil Curry 
5. Lentil Tomato Soup
6. Vegetable Dahl & Steamed Brown Rice
7. Quinoa Cakes
8. Black Bean Soup

+ Banana Bread (serves 4 with enough to last for the week)



Chef Paul

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