Meals For The Cottage


More Dockside & More GrillingMeals For The Cottage

Weekends at the cottage are the perfect time to unwind with friends and family.  Spend more time cottaging and less time cooking.  We have created cottage packages of our prepared meals certified to be kid & crowd friendly.  As the host this will ease your in the kitchen and increase time dockside. As the guest, consider bringing up food as your gift.  We surveyed our cottage customers and prepared meals is the number one most loved gift!
Keep in mind that using Todaysmenu at the cottage also helps in reducing waste.  Our food packaging is BPA free.  And…..many of our cottagers tell us they use the food in the cooler as an ice pack that can keep other perishables cold on the drive up. The slim packaging allows you to easily stock up the freezer!  If there is one thing we can be sure of is Cottagers need to have food on hand for friends and family dropping by.  
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Perfect For The Grill
Less Cooking More Dockside - 5 Dinners Serves 4
Less Cooking More Dockside - 5 Dinners - Serves 2
Kids Cottage Package- Serves 4